Summer is the season for fun in the sun. The sun’s rays, however, are known to be damaging for the skin, and can take a toll on your jewelry too. It’s the season when your jewelry is most likely to tarnish and get damaged.

Here are some of our expert’s best tips for maintaining jewelry during the summer months:

Take off your jewelry before going for a swim

We tend to go swimming the most during summer. The hot weather makes it necessary to take a dip in a pool or even the sea. Make sure you take off your jewelry pieces before getting into the water. Chlorinated pools and even saltwater can corrode precious metals.

Rings and bracelets can also come off when in the water, especially if they are a bit loose. It’s best to keep them out of water than risk losing a valuable piece.

UV rays changes the color of gems

Certain gems are UV sensitive and can therefore change color under direct sunlight, like Kunzite. Make sure you keep your gemstone jewelry in a safe place where they won’t lose their color. During summer, try wearing such pieces out at night.

Precious stones like opal can dry out in extreme heat as well. Thermal shock is a real issue with precious gems. Only wear them when the temperatures are relatively cool and there aren’t any major fluctuations in temperature.

Keep your jewelry off when tanning


If you love tanning under the sun during summers, it’s best to keep your jewelry indoors. Not only will your jewelry cause an uneven tan, it will also get tarnished in the process. Tanning lotion, sweat, and moisture of any kind causes metals to tarnish. Tanning oils and lotions also have a strong fragrance that can make jewelry look duller.

Don’t apply skincare with jewelry on

We understand that “every day jewelry” is made to withstand tarnishing, however, even the best precious metal can lose its sparkle when constantly exposed to moisture. It’s best to take off your jewelry while applying skincare products. Skincare products tend to nestle into the grooves of jewelry pieces, tarnishing them and making them appear dull. This buildup will eventually have to be removed by a professional.

Use a microfiber cloth to clean jewelry

Wearing jewelry pieces during hot summer days is enough to tarnish them. Sweat gets onto the pieces, causing corrosion. Use a microfiber cloth to clean your pieces after every wear to prevent dirt and grime buildup.

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