An engagement ring is probably one of your most expensive and most worn pieces of jewelry. With the average cost of an engagement ring being $5900, you must take care of this sentimental jewelry piece.

Since you wear this jewelry every day, regular tasks like washing your hand and applying hand cream can tarnish the piece and take its brilliant shine. Over the years, engagement rings sustain damage that requires restoration. A proper restoration job can restore your engagement ring to its former glory.

Here are some of the processes involved in engagement ring restoration:


Our weight fluctuates throughout our lives. Your ring can, therefore, become too loose or tight for you. In this case, have your ring resized to fit you more comfortably. If you have wider knuckles, ring sizing beads can help make your ring fit better.


White gold engagement rings are known to fade over time without a rhodium plating. A coat of rhodium refreshes the color of the ring, making it look good as new. A rhodium coating is also a great option for those who have sensitive skin.

Stone Replacement And Stone Fitting

It’s very common to lose a stone on your engagement ring, especially if it’s made up of many tiny stones. So whether you have lost a tiny gem from your ring, or it has come loose, it can easily be replaced or fixed. Our experts can match the stone perfectly for a seamless look.

Sometimes, the prongs of the ring loosen up to a point where the stone begins to move. The prongs can be tightened so that the stone fits securely in the ring.


Stone Polishing

Stone polishing is for engagement rings with colored gems. Colored gems aren’t as tough as diamonds and get scratched when you wear them around while doing chores. The scratches build up on the surface of the stone, to dull its shine. Stone polishing buffs the stone so that it’s sparkly once again.


Over the years of wearing your engagement ring and wedding ring, the special message engraved on the ring will likely wear off. You can have the engraving refreshed with our custom engraving services. You could also have another sentimental message engraved on your ring too.

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