Love watches but don’t have the budget to keep adding more to your collection? That’s perfectly understandable. Luxury watches are expensive, and although they instantly add oomph to an outfit and speak volumes about your social position, taste, style, and personality, sometimes, they’re just too pricey a purchase.

If you love watches but don’t have money to spend thousands of dollars on a new one, here’s how you can survive as a watch-lover on a budget:

1. Replace the Strap of An Old Watch

Worn-out straps for watches give away their age. If you have a broken, scratched, or dull-looking strap, head down to your local watch repair store and see if they can replace it with something better.

You can switch your strap with a newer strap or even a bracelet. An experienced jeweler will advise you on what kind of strap or bracelet will work best with the dial.

You’ll want to spend some time researching colors that will make your watch pop.

Pre-Owned Watches2. Look For Online Deals

It’s true that, sometimes, you can get amazing deals online for top luxury watches, but if the deal looks “too good,” then you should probably avoid it.

If you’re going to purchase a watch online, stick to trusted retailers instead of suspicious stores that are looking to make a quick buck by selling counterfeits. Stay away from individual online sellers that can’t guarantee the authenticity of the watch.

3. Get Pre-Owned Watches

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a watch if you don’t want to. Preowned watches work just like used-cars.

Because they’ve been used in the past, they’ve lost some of their value and have depreciated; however, with a few tweaks, they can be running just as smoothly as they used to in the past.

Buy a pre-owned watch and take it to a repair shop to ensure it’s working well. Some vintage luxury watches may have a dated style, but many of them are just as elegant today as they were back in the day.

Find a pre-owned watch that compliments your style and fits your budget comfortably.

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